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REE Collective is all about making life easier for moms and dads. As a mom of three (very busy) toddlers I want to share what I've learnt. By sharing our lessons, our ups - and our downs - we learn from each other.

It's not always easy, but being a parent is the most rewarding experience. 

When I found the #bestbabybag it really changed the way I spend time with my kids. No more juggling kids and adjusting a diaper bag over my shoulder. It's hands-free parenting. No more trying to find that one toy, that one dummy ... everything has it's own pocket. And with kids, you have a lot of STUFF. 

It may sound simple, but every little thing we can do to save time and make the simple stuff easier, is more time we can spend and en{JOY} our kids. 

Thank you to my Friends of Ree Collective who also share their stories of being a parent. It's a great community to share and learn from. 







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