It all started with a mom’s necessity when Ree (being a new mother of twin girls and a baby boy) couldn’t find a practical nappy bag for all her needs. It sparked an idea (spotting a great solution whilst traveling in the US), developed into a dream (designing and manufacturing her own baby bag) and today is a way of living (wanting to add value to the everyday parent).

Now that dream has grown into a team of moms working together to create these uniquely designed products – keeping family, practicality, fun and trends in mind. We strive for quality at accessible price points, making these products available to most. Parenthood unites us – regardless of background, race or culture. We all want the best for our kids and we want you to feel celebrated in doing so!

We believe in South Africa by supporting local design, production and job creation. By collaborating with other working-from-home moms or small businesses and entrepreneurs we dream of building an enabling industry that gives hope to and supports others.

Through our shareholder, the Tree of Life foundation, we also give back to other children in need. The next generation is top of mind, therefore our emphasis is on REE-cyclable packaging, sustainable business practices and reaching Level Four B-BBEE status.

May every single baby product or backpack you buy from us bring you joy as it will certainly support the greater cause to bring hope to others.