ree collective timeline

how it started

Being a new mother of twin girls and a baby boy, Ree found the need for a practical nappy bag that ticks all the boxes. Starting at expos and listening to customers, she launched her online shop soon after.

ree collective timeline

Stocked in Checkers

Ree Collective's first diaper bag was stocked in Checkers nationwide. Soon after, Ree Collective's expanded ranges of bags for moms and kids were added to Checkers stores resulting in exponential growth for this "run-by-moms" business.

ree collective timeline

expanding to backpacks and baby products

Ree Collective launches locally manufactured backpacks for toddlers and teens that are functional and come in trendy designs. Soon after, locally manufactured baby products like knitted sheets, leather dummy clips, burp cloths, and more were launched in Checkers and Checkers Little Me stores, nationwide.


Local South African design and production

We collaborate with other entrepreneurs, working-from-home moms and small businesses in the production of all our kids' bags and baby products. We're currently working with at least five SME's who collectively employ well north of 50 workers which means buying Ree Collective also contributes towards local job creation. 

B-BBEE shareholding

Our shareholder, Tree of Life BEE Foundation, solely benefits vulnerable children which means buying Ree Collective also uplifts the most vulnerable in our society. We have Level 4 B-BBEE status with 100% B-BBEE procurement recognition level.

Non-profit partnerships

We're passionate about children and education and partner with best-in-class NPO's to distribute some of our products to those in need. Most recently, we've collaborated with Mosaic and Calling Education to provide Ree Collective products to more than 200 children and/or their caregivers in an effort to better their educational outcomes.